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Are you being stopped in your life by pain and discomfort? 

Performance Posture will return you to the best version of yourself with hands-on Manual Therapy techniques and corrective exercise programming.

Proper Alignment for Pain-free Performance

Performance Posture will  provide scientifically osteopathic based manual therapy to clients. Clients will experience thorough total body evaluation assessing all components of the body’s postural framework.  Performance Posture will assess and treat conditions that are keeping the client from performing at their optimal level. Rehabiltation will be customized considering the specific sport, work or recreational activities that are important to the client. When working with equine clients, both the horse and rider will be evaluated and considered in the recovery process.



Physical Therapy– Our therapist has over 35 years of experience and extensive training in osteopathic manual therapy evaluation and treatment. This type of therapy is “hands on treatment” looking at the various systems of the body and how they effect and interact for optimal performance. Alignment of the body, flexibility, movement patterns, myofascial restrictions from previous injury, and strength/endurance are all considered when designing a recovery and maintenance program.

Concussion Care– Performance Posture will provide hands on manual therapy to treat symptoms of head injury and concussion. This devastating injury can cause head, neck, and back pain. Early intervention after injury can reduce the time it takes to return to play or work. Treatment of chronic conditions can return the individual to activities they may have long given up because of problems with pain, balance or just the simple anxiety associated with these head injuries.

Personal Training– With over 35 years of experience working with athletes and people in the workforce, our therapist will design a specific training program utilizing corrective exercises to compliment your current workout or to start you on a new path to performance and wellness. Often all that is needed is an evaluation of your current workout to identify areas that can be improved by “tweaking” exercise technique, programming and cycling.

Equine CranioSacral Therapy– Connection with the CranioSacral System and the body’s fascia allows us to facilitate a session of self-correction and rebalancing of body, mind, and spirit in the horse. Utilizing Upledger based techniques we can evaluate and treat many conditions. Horses will often show pain outside of basic lameness by behavioral signs. Many top trainers feel that 80-90% of behavioral problems are simply the horse trying to communicate a physical problem.

Equine Assisted Learning and Wellness– Horses are used to facilitate learning and wellness in an individual or group setting. Much can be learned by our interaction with these sentient beings. This type of learning and programming is often used with at-risk youth, addiction, PTSD, family counseling, veteran rehabilitation and reintegration, marriage counseling and corporate team building activities. Performance Posture can provide horses and a quiet ranch environment for these type of activities and workshops.

Payment – Performance Posture is a cash pay based practice. A receipt for physical therapy services can be provided for the client to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement.

CertificationsUpledger CranioSacral Techniques Certified, NATA certified Athletic Trainer, Licensed Physical Therapist CO, CA



About Tammy

With over 30 years experience in the fields of sports medicine, physical therapy and osteopathic manual therapy, Tammy brings extensive knowledge to her clients. She is able to listen to their needs and guide them on a path that allows the body to be put into a position of healing and recovery.

Having worked with clients of all ages and physical abilities, she understands the barriers that may stand in the way of optimal health and performance whether that be with everyday activities, work or competitive sports. She brings to her clients an extensive understanding of the human physiology and it’s response to injury and trauma of all kinds. The goal is to facilitate recovery and create an environment of healing for the tissues and energy systems of the body.

Because of Tammy’s extensive experience as an athletic trainer, she has a special interest in the treatment of concussion and head injury. It is her goal to return her clients to their highest potential in both sports and everyday life. As much as she enjoys working with human clients, Tammy also enjoys working with equine, feline and canine clients, utilizing specialized training in osteopathic and craniosacral therapy for our four-legged friends.