About Tammy

With over 30 years experience in the fields of sports medicine, physical therapy and osteopathic manual therapy, Tammy brings extensive knowledge to her clients. She is able to listen to their needs and guide them on a path that allows the body to be put into a position of healing and recovery.

Having worked with clients of all ages and physical abilities, she understands the barriers that may stand in the way of optimal health and performance whether that be with everyday activities, work or competitive sports. She brings to her clients an extensive understanding of the human physiology and it’s response to injury and trauma of all kinds. The goal is to facilitate recovery and create an environment of healing for the tissues and energy systems of the body.

Because of Tammy’s extensive experience as an athletic trainer, she has a special interest in the treatment of concussion and head injury. It is her goal to return her clients to their highest potential in both sports and everyday life. As much as she enjoys working with human clients, Tammy also enjoys working with equine, feline and canine clients, utilizing specialized training in osteopathic and craniosacral therapy for our four-legged friends.